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“Your best customers leave quite an impression. Do the same, and they won’t leave at all.”

Glasshus deliver on that promise. We absolutely refuse to compromise on quality. Our Customers are the focus of our business and they back up our commitment:

Crown House, Sheffield

“I worked with Glasshus for the first time on a high-end student accommodation scheme in Sheffield. Their technical input and excellent communication throughout the project along with their high quality product positively contributed to the scheme. Installation was equally matched with high quality workmanship delivered in a friendly and professional manner which concluded in a complete first class experience with them.”

– Craig Greenup

Cunniff Design

Sunderland Vocational College

“Since Glasshus’s first job with BAM at Sunderland College 2 years ago, they have rapidly risen to become one of BAM NE’s favourite supply chain partners working for us throughout the NE & Yorkshire Area. In conjunction with Technal they have even gone the extra mile and tested specific details for us, which demonstrates their commitment to the customer & relationship with their system supplier.”

– Mark Farnell

Design Manager

BAM Construction

Coming Soon

“ Our testimonials are inbound, please be patient.”

– Mr S. Underland

XYZ Builders