GlassHus | The Glasshus Team take a well-earned Christmas break, north of the border, in Dunkeld.
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The Glasshus Team take a well-earned Christmas break, north of the border, in Dunkeld.

The Glasshus Team take a well-earned Christmas break, north of the border, in Dunkeld.

Around midday on Friday 24th November, the thirty-strong coach left for Scotland. It was a much-anticipated trip amongst the workforce, ever since the plan arose earlier that year. A mixture of the drawing office and fabrication workshop staff was sure to make this trip a memorable one, not to mention teaming up with the Scottish branch upon arrival.

The bus departed and before long the impromptu quiz of the year began. Teams were divvied and pens relayed around, accompanied by the occasional exclaim of a peculiar team name. Some questions seemingly unanswerable; sprung from the depths of a dated pub quiz. The atmosphere on the coach grew increasingly towards the end as the winner was finally named, shortly after, the gorgeous buffet crowd surfed around, curtesy of The Scullery.

Hands continued to plunge into the giant ice buckets that hosted the days beverages whilst the games continued, including an intense game of ‘switch’, with a jackpot of around eight English pounds, towards the back of the bus. The four-and-a-half-hour journey seemed to breeze by on the way up, even after a forty-five-minute pit stop due to Tacho technicalities.

We eventually arrived; much to our excitement, as the bus slalomed down the drive of the now common-tongue, Dunkeld House. The scene was well and truly set. Even at nightfall you could make out the picturesque landscape quilted in a white frosty dew, boosting the air of anticipation.

We all checked-in upon arrival and raced to ready ourselves for the evening’s plans. Some readied themselves almost too eagerly but wisely filled in the time with a spontaneous trip to the local village of Dunkeld, where doubles pool and ‘around the world’ darts was competed against a local Scot. Back at the hotel after somehow successfully navigating the pitch-black walk back to our stay for the weekend, the rest of the Glasshus team were just about to sit down for dinner. In traditional fashion, the main course consisted of Scotland’s mighty haggis, it was the perfect way to start off the whole trip up there. As dinner came to an end the conversations migrated to the bar area where the blow-out continued into the early hours. “Save yourself for the big day tomorrow!” a distant sensible tone uttered. Tell this to the 3:30am card players at the round table in the, ever so idyllic, drawing room

Morning came, and it was time to relish in the activities that Dunkeld had to offer – clay pigeon shooting or quad biking.   I personally opted for the shooting so can’t elaborate on the quad biking but the reviews from those who did can only be described as rave. The shooting on the other hand was an experience I’ll never forget and would love to do again. A particular sharp-shooter in the group, Ryan, one of our contracts managers, scored an outstanding 25/25 across three ranges. He was applauded by all and even got a special mention by the staff. The experience was great and was definitely enhanced by the expert instructors each group had, who made it a very safe and fun but competitive environment to shoot in.

After the activities finished and our fingers just about frozen we all returned to the delightful idea of a spot of lunch and an afternoon in the spa. Hungarian Goulash and a fillet of Salmon saw us through midday mealtime, with an ingenious starter of spicy tomato soup in a mug, that did the utmost to warm you right through. Along to the spa we gallivanted, only lacking a royal robe to drape on the walk to the facilities. The Jacuzzi was hotter than a hot bath and the sauna pleasant and spacious; even whilst hazed with an overdose of Olbas Oil. Leaving the spa, we all felt a somewhat regained spring in our step which summoned another visit to the nearby village; this time to tune in to some of the days sport and sample the local fishy.

By this time most were stuck in a dilemmato squeeze a nap in or to power through until the coach departs later for the big one. A night out in neighbouring Perth. Some snoozed, others boozed, either way the time came. 6’oclock saw a flurry of dashing looking Glasshus employees gather around the now familiar bar area, with a buzzing murmur as the night ahead was speculated. Before departure we found time to capture the moment of us all looking so dapper, with a photo outside the grand entrance to the house.

We then poured onto the bus which was livelier than ever before as we neared the destination. The Mackem accent sat better with the Perth lot than we anticipated which allowed us to freely explore the town sampling a few bars, each differing slightly in their offerings. Before long, we made the decision to return to the bar below the infamous night club ‘loft’, maybe some thought they’d make it or maybe the idea alone was enough. A sensible collection time of 01:30am dawned and that was a wrap. We did our bit; from chatting to dancing everyone took part and made it a night to remember.

The following day is best kept brief but the full English for the second day in a row was even more welcome that morning, and let’s just say, for most, the return journey home was 5 hours too long!

Glasshus Dunkeld Christmas Trip 2017.