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We value our process. It is what makes us operate effectively. We will continue to look for ways to make our strategy more efficient. Our process is what makes Glasshus unique.

First, we competitive tender using our experienced and knowledgeable estimating team of five people.

More specifically; Define the required specification by interpreting architect’s drawings and contract specific NBS; Determine quantities and configuration of curtain walling, windows and doors; Input information into Tech Design software to determine base material cost for each item; Source relevant costs for all specific items; Input and calculate all data through Glasshus Tender Analysis spreadsheet; Draft formal quotations including Bill of Quantities and Specification; Issue Bill of Quantities and Specification to relevant parties.

Once the job is secured our team of in-house designers sit with the estimating team to handover the project.

The job is then designed by one of our highly skilled draughtsman using AutoCAD software. The design team will then work closely with the architect and structural engineer so that the architects vision is realised and the project is structurally sound.

After the design process is finished one of our six contracts managers will ensure that the drawings are relevant to the buildability of the job so that the project can be deemed as workable.

Once the design is fully complete the drawings will be transferred to our production and procurement design team who will produce a set of in depth drawings to allow manufacture to begin on the factory floor, including sending information directly to the state-of-the-art CNC for operation.

In our 10,000sqft workshop the project will begin fabrication. The product will be manufactured in relation to the project management programme.

Logistically, the systems will be transported to site using the most suitable Glasshus flatbed wagon. Once on site our contracts manager will liaise with the main contractor both verbally and in a fortnightly report, to ensure that all aspects of the job are running smoothly, namely healthy and safety and site programme matters.

Our health and safety representative will visit site periodically. We also insist that our system suppliers Sapa (Technal) visit site and carry out a report that identifies good practice and any nonconformities.

As well as using sub-contractors we also have our own installation team who fit the system on site. Over the course of this process our contracts manager will consistently check and sign off all on going work.