GlassHus | Sunderland – City of Culture Bid 2021
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Sunderland – City of Culture Bid 2021

Sunderland – City of Culture Bid 2021

Go to the beach on a cold winters night, suck in the air, puff out your chest, this is Home.

Yes, there are more affluent places, more sights to see elsewhere; better shops, more WAGS but this is our home.

We are a proud people with a rich working class history and on-the-whole we don’t get too carried away with ourselves, we have a past; we want a richer future.

The picture below is of my Mam, her and my father brought us up to work for a living, they gave us values that meant we appreciated what we had but we could always have more, if we worked.

Glasshus was started in 2009 by two working class Sunderland lads, one from Hall Farm and one from Grindon. In 2017 we now employ over 50 people from the city, 15 of those never had a job before we gave them a chance. This is a shout out to the people who make city of Culture happen, two lads who had nowt from Sunderland created something out of nothing, imagine, just imagine, giving this city such an accolade, the beings that make this city great and this city tick, the people, what we all could do with the achievement you could bestow on us.

Make Sunderland great again in 2021.








Simon Tuckwell
Managing Director